The History of Tekirdağ Chamber of Commerce and Industry

According to the conducted research, a Chamber of Commerce was founded in Tekirdağ after Balkan Wars. Even though it officiated with its staff consisting of 12 members and 1 clerk until the occupation of Greek, no documentary belonging to this period has been acquired.

The Greek founded a new Chamber of Commerce considering commercial situation as soon as they occupied the city and this chamber consisted of only Greeks. However, no recording belonging to this chamber has also been encountered.

In accordance with 22.4.1342 dated and 655 numbered Chamber of Commerce statute, a Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in our city in 1925 and it started to officiate its legal duties in order to prevent selling of the products on hawker’s pushcarts and to provide selling of the products in a certain order.

Adjusting itself to the 5590 numbered provisions of statute on the 1st August 1951, our Chamber, which was managed in accordance with 655 numbered provisions of law until 1951, has administered its duties in accordance with the statues.